3 Signs You’re a Victim of Poor Planning


I have seen poor
planning trip up my Creative Genius clients again and again. I want to prevent
you from losing precious time to our “drive to do more” as an unwitting victim
of poor planning.

Here are 3 signs
you could be a victim of poor planning:

First, you
are crazy busy all day, every day.

We are all
under pressure to increase productivity. We need to get more done, to deliver
more, to perform better. Since no one has offered more hours in a day, this
turns into a constant drive to work faster.

When you
can’t work any faster, you start working longer. You start work earlier. You
keep working later. Even when you’re with your family, your mind in on work.

Second, your
To Do list has become a To Do BOOK!

Do you try
to increase your productivity with a To Do list? As it grows longer, do you
start keeping lists of lists? Do you have post-it’s reminding you about your To
Do’s, because your To Do list is so long, if you add an item, it could be years
before you see it again?

Third, you
haven’t planned a vacation!

It’s summer.
You should be planning a much-needed break! But if you don’t know if you can
take a vacation this year, poor planning is robbing you of precious time. Not
time at work. Time at the cottage. Time with your family. Time with your kids.

If you find
yourself wondering if you can take time away from your work, poor planning is
robbing you of the most precious time – time to spend with your family and
friends. So, you be the judge. Are you a victim of poor planning?

Stop Being a
Poor Planning Victim

If you are,
don’t worry. It’s not too late! You can turn things around. All you have to do
is to commit to planning. Start small. Make a plan, and deliver on that plan.

Block out
one hour on your agenda tomorrow. Set aside that time to do something you want
to do. It can be work – but it can only be work you choose. Protect that hour.
Guard that hour. Tell people you’re not available. Lock your door, turn off
email, hide if you have to. Then, when it’s time, do the thing you planned to do.

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