adhd meds do not mean you WILL feel better, they mean you CAN feel better. : ADHD


This is a subtle but vitally important distinction, and I worry some people may have missed it.

See, ADHD is primarily caused by a dopamine deficiency in your brain (source) which means that our reward center cannot function properly. This causes all sorts of problems, but most noticeably it cripples our executive function, since it can no longer tell us when we’re doing the right thing.

Someone without ADHD already has enough dopamine to function properly, so taking stimulants results in way too much dopamine, which just gives them a “high” as if from an illegal drug.

However, for someone with ADHD, taking stimulants simply brings you up to “normal” levels. This will also feel good of course, and you may even get some of the same euphoria for the first few weeks, but the good feeling is primarily due to finally getting some relief from your lifelong symptoms; the lifting of “brain fog,” the chaotic thoughts quieting down, etc.

Most importantly, getting your dopamine levels back up to normal means the reward center in your brain can actually function properly now, and the reward center is what allows you to feel accomplishment and satisfaction when you complete a goal or do something your brain perceives as good.

What you have to remember is that simply having a functioning reward center isn’t enough to make you feel better… you still have to do something that makes your reward center light up in the first place.

Try not to think of the medicine as a cure that will fix your symptoms; instead think of it as a tool that you can wield to better yourself more easily. You could just as easily light up your reward center with a video game as you could with a positive constructive habit, so make sure you wield your “toolkit” correctly.

This has been rewritten and reposted since my first post was deleted as “misinformation” then the mods simply ignored my messages when I proved it was not.

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