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Spreadsheet here!

A recent thread by /u/lexid222 asked for tips for coping with ADHD. These tips were then compiled into a single list by /u/beatadhd. I’ve now taken it one step further by putting the tips into a spreadsheet. It’s pretty bare-bones, but there are a few nice features:

  • Categorization is maintained.

  • Categories are organized and page breaks were inserted to fit nicely on a page. There should be minimal wasted paper without cells bleeding over from one page to another.

  • I’ve added an empty column you can use to check off these tips or write short notes.

My suggested use is that you delete entries you aren’t interested in using or aren’t applicable, highlight rows that you’d like to work on, and check off rows that you’ve incorporated into your life. Print out new copies whenever you’re ready to check off new items (I’d guess once a week to once a month or so) and pin them up them wherever you have your other ADHD notes or whiteboard or whatever.

Additionally, I added just one entry of my own. Under cleaning:

Take an inventory of all of your possessions. Designate detailed places for everything in a spreadsheet. Take pictures of your organized spaces and keep them in the same folder as the spreadsheet. When you need to retrieve something, check the spreadsheet. When you need to put something away, check the spreadsheet. This can also help if you move as you make sure you take all your items with you and only need to update your spreadsheet with their new locations.

Admittedly, the inventory project was one that I started but didn’t finish as I changed residences and am currently putting off unpacking while I wait for my room to be renovated, but that system worked well while I was at my old place.

I’ve saved the spreadsheet in ODS format, as I use LibreOffice Calc instead of Microsoft Excel. Excel should be able to open the file, but please let me know if there are formatting issues.

Finally, I haven’t shared files via Dropbox recently, but it would appear that viewers can write comments. Click the speech bubble on the far right side of the screen if you wish to do so. Let me know if there are any changes you’d like me to make or if you’re an Excel/Calc wizard, make your own changes to the spreadsheet and upload an even better version.

Hope this helps!

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