Adult ADHD and Tips to Boost Your Income


5 Tips to Boost Your Income 

As an adult ADHD psychiatrist and executive coach in New York City, I have helped many of my clients get that promotion, ask for the raise, increase their sales, or find a better job.

Here are 5 tips that have helped them and may help you!

1 – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Often, you may not be aware of some of your limiting beliefs such as “I will never get a raise”, “More money just causes problems”, “I didn’t go to an Ivy League School.”

Increase your awareness of your inner dialogue and assess whether any beliefs may be limiting you. When the thought arises, label it as “Oh….THAT story”. Increased awareness can often diminish its power over you.

2 – Write Your Goal

It is amazing the benefit of writing your goal on paper. It commits you and your brain to make it a reality. Make sure the goal is specific, written in the present tense, and has a due date. For example, “I am earning $150,000 by March 1st, 2020”. This may seem simplistic. However, the research shows that the most successful people write out specific goals.

3 – Don’t Tell Anyone

When we tell someone about our financial goals, we can often feel pressure and that our ego is at stake. This can interfere with our natural creativity and motivation.

4 – Recruit an Activity Partner

Increasing your income often requires strategy, productivity, and successes. We often know what we need to do to increase our income, but procrastination or anxiety may bet in the way.

Working with an “activity partner” can help. An activity partner is working with a colleague, friend or assistant collaboratively to complete a task or project. This can often help you work more effectively and strategically.

This isn’t a universal truth, this doesn’t help everyone. But if it works for you, maximize its power. Schedule a time to meet with your activity partner once a week or ask your activity partner to collaborate with you on a task that you may be avoiding.

5 – Use a Calendar

Schedule specific tasks that are going to get you closer to your goals that are going to lead to a higher income. When the tasks are on your calendar, the chances of success are much higher.

Here are some of the comments that my clients have made:

“I have doubled my income over the past three years of our work. I never saw myself as a leader and you helped me get there”. Kelly F.*, Real Estate Developer

“When you were talking about an accountability partner, I thought you meant to delegate to my administrative assistant. Last month, I started meeting with him every morning to discuss the tasks for the day. My sales have increased by twenty percent.” Adam I*., Entrepreneur

“You know, I didn’t realize that I had some many ingrained beliefs about my options. I went to community college and then finished at a four-year college. It was just never on my radar to aim higher. We did it!” Valentina R*

Think about which tips may help you this year and think about reading other articles about work and ADHD. I would love to hear about your thoughts and successes!

*Disclaimer: Details of cases and comments have been completely altered to protect the confidentiality of any and all individuals. Any resemblance to actual people is a coincidence.


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