An old jewish joke that explains why people don’t understand ADHD. : ADHD


I was thinking about ADHD acceptance and representation in the media, where the hyperactivity is mostly shown and the jokes / representation is basically limited to only the actually visible parts.

It made me think about what is wrong with this kind of limited representation, where someone being easily distracted is a punchline but it’s not actually shown how this person as a child would’ve been yelled at for years and years by their parents for being lazy or for refusing to do their chores or for being useless. Until hopefully their diagnosis but likely still even afterwards. That’s the sort of ptsd that isn’t a joke anymore but is just as much part of adhd. All the actual problems are invisible.

Which led me to my meandering thought: How people would know someone who has ADHD and still think it is helpful to point out “but you just get up and go do the thing”. The problem is the “you just …” is broken in us. We don’t just… we think we’re just finishing a thought when without realizing it an hour passes by. or we can’t oversee what to do first so we don’t do anything.

the “you just….” is specifically the problem but people can’t see this because they assumed it’s there to begin with. And then they attribute the problem to something else if they acknowledge it at all.

Which leads me to the joke. in video format for those that are done reading / can’t handle big paragraphs.

In text:

Man: Waiter, will you try the soup?

Waiter: What’s wrong Sir, is it too cold?

Man: Will you just try the soup.

Waiter: Is it too hot?

Man: Will you just try the soup

Waiter: Is it too spicy, Sir?

Man: Will you just try the damned soup son

Waiter: If there is something wrong with the soup…


Waiter: FINE! I’ll try the soup. Where’s the spoon.

Man: Exactly.

flairing this as obsession sharing as humour is a special interest of mine 🙂 but it’s not really the main aspect.

If you ever want to read about someone with (I suspect) adhd, read Wodehouse, the Jeeves and Wooster series.

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