Any other college dropouts feel really sad when they read about people with profound intellectual disabilities graduating university? : ADHD


This! I’m in my fifties now, and I have felt so dumb for years because I didn’t succeed. High school was easy, never did my homework, hardly studied for tests and graduated cum laude, so university should have been easy, but I didn’t make it. After a couple of years and I guess a depression I went to secretary school (don’t know what it’s called in english) and graduated, again, cum laude since it was easy as f. I still thought I was stupid, and only when we found out that not one, not two but all three of our children were very intelligent (iq-tests were done at the request of their school) I started to realise that perhaps I was not the dumbest. Since then, all three were diagnosed with ADD. I recognise só much of myself in their struggle to stay organised! And I am sad that this wasn’t known when I was young. It would have saved me a lot of sadness and self-doubt

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