As someone with ADHD, I interviewed one of the leading researchers many here probably recognize


Hey all, after clearing up life-time depression (feel free to ask about that) it created space that later realized I had ADHD. As a 31 year old adult, this was both a surprise and not.

As many here, it’s both comforting and saddening to know how much of our personalities are genetically determined. Dr. Russell Barkley is likely the leading researcher (and spokesperson) of ADHD-related pharmaceuticals. Regardless of your opinion of him, he is direct and very knowledgeable.

Did you know 80% of us have at least one other cognitive condition? Often anxiety, for me it was depression. We’ve learned this and more from research like his.

I would like to share a conversation I had with him. It took me 7 months to book his busy schedule. We discuss executive functions, cognitive evolution, what it is and isn’t (from a mainstream science perspective), and practical tips to work around it.

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