Comparison is no Way to Build Confidence – Brett Thornhill


When you’re surfing around Facebook, do you ever catch yourself thinking, “Everyone else’s life is way more fun and exciting than mine”?

They say that comparison is the thief of joy and this is the prime example. 

For many of us, Facebook posts can trigger a lot negative feelings about our self-worth. We tend to compare ourselves to everyone else because we have such easy access to the “highlight reels” of their lives. For a lot of users, Facebook is a place to showcase the most exciting and brag-worthy events of their lives and because of this “highlight reel effect” it can give viewers a skewed image of that person’s life. By seeing only the highlights, we can easily get sucked into the thought pattern of, “Everything is so much better/easier/more exciting for them.”

The next time you’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed and feel like everyone you know has a more interesting life than you do, I want you to do yourself a favour. Stop and go back through your own posts from the past 1-2 years. Even if you didn’t post very often, you’ll likely see something that triggers awesome memories to help you realize that your life is way more fun and interesting than you thought. 

Confidence doesn’t come from the ability to walk into a room and feel better than or unique from everyone else. Confidence comes from walking into the room and not feeling the need to compare yourself to anyone at all. Your life’s highlight reel is no different from anyone else’s; just know that you don’t have to compare it in order to feel good about it.

So, how did you feel after going through your old posts? Were you reminded of your own awesomeness and all of the cool things you’ve done?

Comment below with your favourite memory you found while scrolling through your old posts. 


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