Coronavirus Guidelines — Homework Coaches and Clients


We are all impacted by the coronavirus. HomeworkCoach believes that we all have a role to play in slowing the spread of the virus. Yet we remain committed to the academic success of your children, and will continue to help you both in-home and online. I’d like to show you the coronavirus guidance we are giving our coaches, and what we’re asking of you, our client. 

1. Our topline message to our coaches: “Stay home if you feel symptoms coming on or if you are exposed to someone with the illness.”  For most of us, COVID-19 symptoms are pretty mild (fever and cough) but are dangerous to the elderly and those with compromised immunity. So for the safety of our clients, a tutor who suspects they may be infected or exposed to someone who has test positive must call their clients to cancel. 

2. Coaches are asked to let us know if they are ill so that we can offer you a substitute coach, if available. If you do not hear from us and would like a sub, please call us at 877-715-5442. You may also consider having the tutor work with your student online via Zoom or Skype or some similar app.  

3. Please warn your coach if someone is ill in your family so they can choose whether or not to proceed with your lesson.

4. Wear a mask. Tutors should wear a mask; it’s up to parents if their students should wear one during the lesson. We think it’s a good idea.

5.  Wash hands. We are asking each coach to buy an alcohol-based hand-sanitizer. At the start of the lesson they should clean their hands and wipe down the table where they will be working with your child. Even better, please invite the coach to wash their hands before the session and have your child do the same. 

6. Ventilation. Weather permitting, tutoring outside or on a patio or deck is safer than inside. Or perhaps have a window open. There’s a lot of evidence that suggests the virus dissipates quite quickly if there is good circulation of air.

7. And finally, we’ve told our tutors to avoid touching their students or shaking hands with the parents. Maybe the namaste gesture

Let me know if you have questions. And, of course, you may ask your tutor to follow any other procedures you feel are called for during this time. 

Dennis Freeman
Director, Homework Coach

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