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Crash after first week on Concerta??

Hi everyone, I started Concerta at 18 mg 1.5 weeks ago. My starting protocol is to take 18 mg in the morning for the first 2 weeks then go to twice a day for the remainder of the first month then shift to 36mg once a day and go from there. Well here’s my experience; the first 7 day EXACTLY was good in regards to getting work done, having good energy, supressed appetite some of which I like the benefits of. My gf was very happy and so was I, I was super motivated, I even got back into painting of which I had completely lost my motivation for, it was literally a 180 in motivation! BUT, then like clockwork on the 8th and 9th day I had literally no motivation and NO energy. Seems to kind of make sense that I had a crash, maybe exhausted myself with a combination of getting too used to the medication but then now on the 10th day I’m completely feeling back motivated with good energy, I can feel it in my chest like I am taking a stimulant but not in a really bad way. I’m just kind of confused to these swings. Also another thing is I never felt euphoric of which I was concerned about becasue for years I read and heard how these adhd medications ie Concerta and especially Adderall can be abused so I’m happy to say I don’t see me doing that with Concerta. What’s everyones thoughts “experience” in this regard? Do you go through phases where you are just dead all day and then boom you bounce back??

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