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Okay so…

Had my doctors appointment today. I recently went to a psychologist who recommended I see a family doctor to discuss ADD and medications. I have some pamphlets and things to work on from the psychologist as well that I need to start on before I see her again in February. My doctor diagnosed me with ADD and prescribed me a dose of 30 mg of vyvanse once a day in the morning. Now, as someone who has never been medicated in her life (seriously not even for an ear aches!) I’m a little bit nervous of what to expect.

30mg is about right for starting and I believe its a starting dose recommendation. I understand your trepidation but keep an open mind. Do not have expectations good or bad just try and slowly roll with it.


I have a follow up appointment with the doctor in 2 weeks and he’s given me enough pills for a month. Now, vyvanse is a stimulant so should I expect the same kind of feeling from caffeine? We discussed some side effects but it sounds like vyvanse is the medication that has less side effects?

Its sort of a myth that stimulants work like caffeine. In fact many people with adhd are calmer on stimulants. Calmer and more focused. At the same time if you do feel jittery do not think that stimulants wont work for you or that you do not have adhd. That is also a myth. I did not like vyvanse but many people do well on it. It is very slow acting and gradual. If I remember right part of the way the active ingredient in vyvanse is releases is through gastric digestion. I have always recommended people eat with it because it kicks off the digestion but you will have to do your own research on that and trial and error.
Taking the meds for two weeks is a good trial period. Keep a med journal in a notebook or pad. write down the time you take it, time you feel something good or bad and peridodically note the time during the day a few times about how you feel. Also note when you feel the med wear off. This will help you remember how it worked when you have your appointments.

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