Executive functioning alarm clock : ADHD


As usual, I am having a hard time stopping pleasurable things to engage in resistant tasks. I remembered this alarm, which I am going to use to help me switch. I’ll let you know how it goes.


In order to turn off the alarm, you must engage in one of the following:

■ Step Mission – take a required number of steps

■ Photo Mission – take a photo of the registered place to dismiss your alarm. Somewhere far from bed such as bathroom sink, front door is recommended!

■ Math Mission – Solve simple or advanced math problems and kickstart your brain

■ Barcode Mission – Scan the product barcode or QR code you registered to turn the alarm off

■ Shake Mission – Shake your phone up to 999 times to wake up your body

■ Memory Mission – Energize your brain by memorizing which tiles are open

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