Following the 2 Minute Rule Allowed Me To Eliminate Procrastinating On My Habits : ADHD


I’ve been feeling like I’ve had been falling prey to procrastination so much more than I would like until I came across this extremely practical concept called the 2 Minute Rule. No matter what’s going on in your day, if there is a habit that you are trying to stick to, you need to have a 2 minute version of it that you can rely on.

For every positive activity that you are doing, try to have a 2 minute version of it.

  • Exercising: My 2 Minute Version would be 20 pushups and 20 setups

  • Writing: My 2 Minute Version would be opening up my laptop and writing one new sentence

  • Reading: My 2 Minute Version would be reading just one more page before bed

I highly recommend you try this out. I explain this further here –

Once you start incorporating small versions of your habits into your life, I can assure you that procrastination will be really be challenged.

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