Helpful Chrome Extensions! : ADHD


Hey! New here, but I wanted to share some extensions that really help me get my work done 🙂

– The first one is called Tide and really helps me with focusing. It has a built-in Pomodoro timer, a website tracker (which I believe you can disable), a website blocker, and a bunch of white noise sounds that you can choose from. The website tracker is a bit buggy though, but everything else works perfectly. I definitely use this one the most.

Toggl is a website tracking tool where you can start and stop a timer every time you want to track a task. I’ve heard Clockify is pretty good for this as well.

Coffeelings is a mini journal/mood tracker that helps me with emotional dysregulation. I just brain dump everything here if I’m really stressed or overwhelmed.

StayFocusd sets a timer on distracting websites and notifies you when you’ve exceeded the limit. It’ll then block said websites and prevent you from accessing them again.

– I don’t use this myself, but a few of my friends recommended Podcastle, which converts websites to Podcasts so you can listen and do other things at the same time.

Blocksite and Forrest are pretty good as well, but I don’t use them as often. As the name suggests, Blocksite just blocks distracting websites. Forest blocks websites and then plants a tree. If you go onto a website you’ve added to your blocklist, the tree will die (rip)

Hopefully this helps! lmk if there’s anything else

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