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Hopelessly in love but at my wit’s end

Hello all, I have had a diagnosis of ADD for most of my life (I believe since about 2nd grade and I am currently 21) so I have gotten use to the quirks and weird behaviors that come with the diagnosis. Well my partner has never dated someone neurodivergent. She seems to be having trouble adjusting to my personality quirks (I am apparently an ******* because I don’t think before I speak and my tone sometimes has an “attitude”. She also is annoyed that I don’t initiate physical affection most of the time). I tried to explain that I just don’t think about those things but she keeps telling that if I keep up these behaviors she’s gonna end up leaving. We’ve been together 6 months and just recently moved in together. I bought her a book designed for those who love someone with ADD and she understands that my brain is wired different but idk what to do now. I’m hopelessly in love with her but I have a constant battle between beating myself up over being a dick and trying not to minimize just how much ADD impacts my life.

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