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Q: I’m considering hiring an ADHD coach that works with adults. What is the best way to research coaches to find out their backgrounds, expertise, fees, whether they work in person or only virtual, etc?

First, check out the ACO website. They have a listing of qualified coaches and a little bio for each one. There are coaches for almost everything – productivity, career, moms, parenting, relationships, business, health – you name it, it probably exists.

ADDA has a Professional Directory as well.

Pricing is variable – I’ve seen high ticket group programs that cost upward of $500/month, and 1:1 coaches who fall into the same range or more. But I also know coaches who allow clients to pay on a sliding scale.

If you have any friends who’ve worked with a coach, ask for recommendations. I will caution you that there are many people calling themselves, “coaches” on social media, so always ask questions. Here is a link to a whole list of questions you can ask.

The most important thing is finding the right fit. Always ask for a casual info session to feel it out and ask all of your questions. An ethical coach will help you find what you are looking for – you don’t need to pay for referrals.

Hope this helps!


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