How to Prepare for Pesach the ADHD Way


You may have been struggling with your mess and clutter since you were very young.

You are probably struggling with self-doubt and wondering why can “everyone” around you create organised systems and maintain them, seemingly effortlessly?

Why can’t you work it out no matter how hard you try?

Here is the bombshell:

Your mess is a sign of your creative strengths. You see solutions where others women see problems. When other women see a straight line, you see a roundabout route that leads you to a totally different and far better outcome.

As a Professional Organiser, when I enter a client’s home for the first time, I have a good look around. I usually see items strewn about, with no rhyme or reason.

Behaviour is brain based. Through observing my client’s environment I get a good idea about my client’s internal world.

When I see mess, I see creativity.

With each client I see one common factor.

Most clients have no systems to store their belongings. As a result, their belongings are piled up and left lying around. 

Many clients share their dreams with me, but they are so overwhelmed by their mess, and managing their chaotic lives, that they haven’t “found” the time to nurture their dreams.

As  Jewish ADHD woman, you need to learn tools how to live your life with clear and concrete systems for every single area of your life. Your systems can be compared to a container. If the container is broken, or cracked, the contents will fall out. If you create systems at home and in other life areas, those systems will hold your life in place. This applies even more so to making Pesach. As a result you will increase your focus and the channel of creativity will open up. 

I created an ADHD focused Pesach survival course on Udemy  that is easy to follow and put into action. It is tailored for the creative Jewish woman. It is full of clear ADHD focused tools that will support you not only for the run-up to Pesach, but for the entire year. I value your time. My signature style is clear and to the point. I do not waffle. Check out my course “How to turn Pesach Punishment into Pesach Paradise.” The tools are all tailored for the Jewish ADHD woman, however every Jewish woman can benefit as well. 

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