I am still in complete shock of the difference concerta has on my vision. Someone explain to me this revelation. : ADHD


I need to provide you an example so you truly understand what I’m seeing. The image on the left even with glasses was 31 years of my life. I was never able to focus on an item everything was the exact same level of visual detail.The image on the right is what I see on 18 mg concerta since taking it yesterday. Do people actually naturally just focus visually like the right image? Wtf. Why have the meds so improved my visual focus on items? What do they do to my brain?

Image https://images.app.goo.gl/zDaAiu2HnG5V2mrL9

Just like the right image, concerta let’s me focus in on the stem as opposed to normal vision making everything the same (not blurry) it’s just all the same detail. This is truly mindblowing

Actually the left image doesn’t do my explanation justice. Imagine the left image’s background the same focus on as the unfocused stem. That’s my vision pre meds. All the same

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