I made a Chrome extension that adds random bold text to web pages to make them easier to read! : ADHD


After reading this comment by u/communistmanifesto42, I decided it would be worth making a Chrome extension (hyper-focus on coding at 5am) to help myself and others with walls of text on the internet:


The extension does not currently exist on the Chrome Extension Marketplace as I am an absolutely broke student and there is a $5 fee to publish there, but as soon as I have the free cash I’ll put it on there.

I cobbled this together in about 3 hours, and I’ve hardly used Javascript let alone made a Chrome extension before, so it’s a bit janky, but I can guarantee there is no risk of any sort of damage, and no personal data is collected. If you don’t trust this you can look through the code yourself.

If anyone who knows more about Javascript and Chrome extensions would like to help improve the project feel free to fork the repo or make a pull request.

Hope this helps some people!

(There are quite a few sites this doesn’t work on, as this is really just an Alpha, but I’m working to fix these all. If you find sites this doesn’t work on let me know!)

Edit: The latest version now works on Reddit posts!

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