I stopped focusing on Productivity and instead focused on Clearing my Mind : ADHD


I’ve never been someone who could just sit still for an extended period of time, let alone clear my mind and be present. Over time though, I’ve heard of the benefits of meditation for helping with anxiety and restlessness, and so I thought I would give it challenge myself to meditate every day for 15 minutes.

I did not, however, expect it to improve my productivity and focus the way it did…

As a newbie, I used guided meditation sessions on a bunch of different apps. This REALLY HELPS because you’re having someone hold your hand through what can be a truly noisy initial few sessions if done on your own. Some of the apps include Headspace, Calm and Waking Up with Sam Harris.

I’ve also learned to just sit comfortably and focus on my breathing. All of this has given me a sense of calmness that is pretty hard to describe. I go in depth on my experiment here and break down my journey – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHeyAKUwd-o

Overall, my focus and productivity has gone through the roof because I’m so much more zoned in on what I’m doing and getting stuff done a lot faster.

If you’re a beginner and feeling like you’re hitting roadblocks with your output and restlessness. Do what I did and give it a shot. It might change your life.

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