I think we’re overlooking how important sleep is in ADHD!!! : ADHD


I’m going to type a lot so if you just want the jist look at the text labeled with a star :).

Anyways I was trying to figure out why I woke up energized and alert from under 5 hours of sleep and usually tired after 5 hours of sleep, and a nice person directed me to a website that helps you know when to go to sleep and how many cycles in certain amount of sleeps. Example: if you need to be up at 1 p.m: Go to sleep at 4:00 AM(website recommendation)
9 hrs of sleep, 6 sleep cycles

5:30 AM 7.5 hrs of sleep, 5 sleep cycles

7:00 AM 6 hrs of sleep, 4 sleep cycles

8:30 AM 4.5 hrs of sleep, 3 sleep cycles Website : https://www.nectarsleep.com/p/sleep-calculator/ So with that information and some research on sleep cycle times in adhd vs. neurotypical, I think I have a potential clue on why so many people with adhd are always tired and why people with adhd have fluctuations in certain deliberating symptoms. First off I know there’s 100% more factors but hear me out, if your parents are non adhd and have been taught to sleep 7-9 hours there gonna instill that on you, not knowing adhd rem sleep cycles are typically shorter or longer by a noticeable margin. That said the parents that enforce this personally abnormal sleep schedule, are forcing you to have a double abnormal sleep schedule. Which leads to more mood instability, trouble with impulses, etc, on top of the health risks from over and under sleeping. So just imagine what would happen when you get into habit of improper sleep, on top of life stressors on top of having a mental health diagnosis! Furthermore, using medication I’m sure creates even more variations in the rem sleep which could potentially exacerbate current or future problems. If lack of sleep causes circulation problems for someone, they can go years before theyre old enough to pick their sleep schedule and this could potentially cause normal circulation problems, plus if you start getting medicated with stimulants and it makes it worse, you’re gonna get switched medication when that medication could’ve been best suited for you, but because of incorrect sleep you’re on a roller coaster trying to just feel okay.

⭐️ That’s why I feel sleep patterns and their effect on adhd symptoms/ life style needs to be heavily researched especially in different age groups. I’m not a scientist of any sort but if there’s thousands and thousands of articles of information on how improper sleep leads to health issues, why wouldn’t you study a whole percentile of people that’s outside this norm of information? Especially on something so drastic in life quality..? Lastly, a high % of adhd people have hyper awareness of their actions consciously and subconsciously, if you subconsciously know you just need more sleep and you’re getting told to get up, wouldn’t this cause more irritability? Same with getting told to go to bed, you’re not tired so you feel it’s unfair you have to stop you current activity to sleep (R.S.D) which can lead to negative thinking. Then you over sleep resulting in feeling tired and exacerbation of your symptoms, which if you had parents like mine this was “proof” I needed to go to bed earlier making this crummy paradox, lower quality of life, and increased risk of comorbidities, especially substance abuse disorder.

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