Internet of ADHD weekly roundup: October 2, 2020


On keeping our adult selves in from recess:

This rings so true for me. I wrote my recent article about single-tasking and intentionality because I realized I was depriving myself of any restorative down time. My brain took the down time by force — yes, often in the form of “doomscrolling” — but because I thought I hadn’t *earned* it, I wasn’t allowing myself to do anything I *actually* enjoyed. I’d venture a guess many ADHDers, especially women, do this to ourselves all the time.

I needed to watch this today. Especially the reminder that slip-ups happen. Always. Every day. But we need to remember we’re in a much better place than before we knew about our ADHD.

Image source: Armchair Expert Podcast

I know some of y’all are armcherries too. This episode is such a gift. Even if you haven’t struggled with addiction — and many ADHDers have because we are at significantly higher risk! — I suspect *most* of us will find something deeply relatable in this conversation. Whew.

My perceptions of how other people viewed these pills made me hesitant, and nervous when I first started taking them. Other peoples’ opinions are a big reason why it took me years to come to terms with having ADHD. 

Sandy Pace,

I’ve had folks assume my goal is to someday not need meds anymore, or suggest occupational therapy or a different daily routine to treat my kid’s ADHD instead of meds.

While I rely heavily on routines and have seen OT help many kids, that doesn’t make them one-for-one substitutes for meds. At least not for us. But it’s demoralizing to hear the implication — even from well-meaning friends! — that meds are a stopgap until we get a “real” or “good” solution in place.

Maybe prescription medications aren’t the right solution for every person or every family, but the belief that we shouldn’t have to “resort” to meds inflicts a lot of unnecessary suffering on people who just want to do their best.

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