Is there an order of which medications that best treat ADHD? – ADD Forums


Although it only covers medications available in Canada, this chart published by the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance gives names of medications, sorted by type, with starting dosages, and also indicates whether they are first-line or 2nd-line treatments.

Because so much time can be lost switching medications, one factor you should probably explore before switching to a different one is whether you have titrated the initial dosage upward high enough that you can be sure it won’t work for you. (Of course if you are getting awful side-effects at a low dosage it probably doesn’t make sense to keep going higher.)

(OTOH Atomoxetine makes me feel sick and shaky the first day whenever I start back on it at any dose, but it goes away by the 2nd day, and the resulting focus when combined with Vyvanse or Adderall makes it worthwhile. But then I was on Adderall for more than 20 years, and it is by far my favourite stimulant when I need one, so YMMV)…d-2019_9-1.pdf

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