I’ve done more work in two hours (and had FUN) thn in the last two weeks. Thanks to everyone at r/adhd! : ADHD


tl:dr – got diagnosed, took pill, life changed

I’ve been beating myself up for 20 years trying to write my novels and get my day-to-day work done. It’s been a misery and I barely leave the house or speak to friends anymore. I’ve been holding myself hostage.

A few weeks back I saw a single answer to a post on “How do people get over procrastination?”. It said “Adderall”. I laughed but then got curious. I ‘aced’ a few online adhd tests and watched the ‘Unofficial’ ADHD Quiz for Adults and decided to speak with my doctor, then a private psychiatrist. I was diagnosed last week for inattentive-type ADD.

Today I took my first 30mg Vyvance (Elvanse here in uk) with a protein shake. In the last two hours have completed more work than in the last two weeks and more importantly I’ve reconnected with workmates and had FUN. It is really magical how clear my thoughts are and that i WANT to work.

Disclaimer: I am aware that the first time you take meds there is a state of euphoria and that will fade or disappear. I plan to do an update at the end of my 28 days. I just wanted to capture this moment of realization that I’m not a lazy SOB, I’m just a hunter-gatherer living in a land of farmers (and I needed a little help).

Good luck out there fellow ADHDers!


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