I’ve had “The Disorganized Mind” book checked out from the library so long they’ve listed it as LOST : ADHD


The irony is not lost on me…

I have a library copy of Nancy Ratey’s “The Disorganized Mind” sitting on the desk beside me. Overdue fines have paused at our local library because of Covid, but I didn’t realize how long I must have been holding on to this one…. must have been a while because I just got a note that they’ve marked it as lost! Figure I’m going to have to brave the cold and return it today, might be worth just buying it outright!


PS: I don’t typically like scenario/case-based books like this, which is why I took it out of the library rather than buying it (it was recommended by my therapist). The tone/style too was a bit annoying for me at first, but I can say that I am now referencing it fairly frequently! It’s been useful on an individual level, but it’s really shone as a tool I can use with my partner (who has depression but not ADHD) to find ways of articulating some of my habits that leave him feeling misunderstood, unloved or slighted.

I’ve been working from home (and missing out on my 40-minute cycling commute that used to really dampen my symptoms) and developed some new habits that he sometimes interprets as passive-aggressive. It’s nice to be able to explain that the bills on the desk aren’t a subtle signal that he should be paying them, and that when I walk past the full litter box or garbage I’m not making the assumption that he will do it since he’s at home: I can happily take them out if I’m just reminded gently that they exist!

I would really recommend this book — and I guess it’s time I paid for it too!

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