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My name is Debbie im 28 and live in Wales UK
I was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism also anxiety in 2014
In 2017 I was diagnosed with Bipolar
Just really wanted to say hi and get to know how people cope with their ADHD
Especially when they can’t concentrate on things they enjoy

Thats all for now wont make my introduction too long

Hello, and welcome to ADDF!

Not being able to concentrate on things I enjoy — or at least, boring-but-necessary parts of larger projects I enjoy — is a big frustration for me, too. Also, follow-through. I tend to start activities with great enthusiasm, and then often hit a roadblock of some kind, or an interruption, and then lose steam. I was a voracious reader as a kid, but as the material I wanted to read got more complex and (I think) exceeded my ability to retain stuff in memory as I read, I’ve really lost a lot of motivation to read (though I would love to read to learn new things and for escapism). So I’ve definitely struggled with this myself.

Having hobbies that can be picked up and dropped and picked up again at will can be helpful. Hobbies that involve experiences with other people — singing, hiking, etc. — are also good for me (though more difficult now with coronavirus). Medication was helpful at times, though I am not currently taking medication. I’m working on trying to set reasonable expectations for myself — and not beating myself up if I don’t always finish things (though I’m also working on being better about finishing things!).

Anyway, it’s a tricky problem.

Again, welcome!

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