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Upcoming Chats at a Glance:

ADHD Life in a COVID-19 World

with Dr. David Pomeroy 

Thursday, September 24th

2pm EST – 11am Pacific – 7pm GMT

ADHD in The Family

with Coach Linda King 

Wednesday, October 14th

2pm EST – 11am Pacific – 7pm GMT

Ask Me Anything About ADHD

with Dr. Candice Murray  

Tuesday, October 27th   

“Can I Trust This Source?”

Separating Scientific Fact From Fiction in the Age of ‘False News’

With Dr. J. Russell Ramsay

Are you confused by all the ‘breaking news’ and ‘latest breakthroughs’ that bombard us every day?  How can you recognize solid science based-information, and identify flawed research or incomplete reporting or even a new, promising, half-baked idea that may or may not end up being a fully baked, good idea?  (Not to mention bare-faced lies, hoaxes, and deliberate misinformation.)

You don’t need to be a scientist to protect yourself from bad advice or shady ‘cures.’  You just need to know what to look for.  And, as importantly, be able to consider any new studies in the context of the scientific consensus of what we already know about ADHD or other matters.

Join Dr. J. Russell Ramsay as he discusses and answers questions about these sorts of issues as they play out in real scientific studies to reveal the tell-tale signs that indicate a study is trustworthy or not, particularly as related to ADHD. 

You’ll see how science progresses with results building upon earlier work.  It may appear to be a complex and confusing process.  But being able to separate fact from fiction is vitally important in the age of Alternative Facts, marketing, and a world-wide pandemic.  You will find it is possible to be a card-carrying skeptic but still open-minded and even optimistic about unfolding research.

Monday, November 23

8pm EST – 5PM Pacific – 1am GMT

The Mindfulness Prescription for a Happy Holistic Holiday

with Dr. Lidia Zylowska

Dec 8th

5pm EST – 2pm Pacific – 10pm GMT

ADHD According to Zoe with Zoe Kessler 

Date & Time TBD 

It’s Not a ‘Seniors Moment!’  It’s ADHD!  

with author Gina Pera

Date & Time TBD

Ask Me Anything About ADHD 

with Terry Matlen 

Date & Time TBD 

Creative Part 4

Thinking With a Pencil & Paper

With Animator Bryce Hallett

Date & Time TBD

Frazzled, Frantic, Fried, or Focused 

with Betty Bennett

Date & Time TBD

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