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Re: Lockdowns

We don’t know yet whether we will be able to get back to normal in 2021. Those vaccines were created & tested in such a rush, there’s no way to tell what the real world efficacy rates are until after the vaccines reach most of the world’s population. I’d guess that that may or may not happen in 2021. Then there are side effects…who knows? The anti-vaxxers are unlikely to take the vaccines. Then others are afraid that they might not be safe because of the extremely rushed development and inadequate testing. We need 70% for herd immunity…unlikely to get that many to take the vaccines when they aren’t mandatory. So the virus might not really “go away” next year. Although I hope it does, of course. I’m tired of staying home and taking full precautions when I do go out for shopping or appointments. With the long election here also, not to mention the economy and unemployment, it’s really been a bad year. We’ll see how it goes next year, with our new president.

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