My Top 3 Secret Tools to Find the Elusive Inner Calm and Focus Part 2


If you are a mum with ADHD, you probably have a working memory deficit. What is the working memory? Working memory is an executive function skill. It is a vital part of your thinking process. Think of it like a notepad where you write down and keep track of information that enters your consciousness. If your notepad is larger, then you will have more room to make notes and keep track of information. If your notepad is smaller, then you will have less room to keep track of information. 

Most people can keep track of about 7 chunks of information on their mental notepad at a time. If you have trouble with working memory, you will find it difficult to keep track of so many pieces of information in your mind at once. 

My working memory capacity only functions at 2 items. Sometimes, when I am exhausted or overwhelmed my working memory depletes to zero…This is a normal part of ADHD. 

If you have a working memory deficit, this will make your life much more difficult. You are likely putting in far more effort to achieve the same results as other people. What is the culprit? Blame it on the working memory! You will forget information more easily, you will forget information that you are expected to remember, you will likely embarrass yourself as you live through one self-made crisis to another.

Sigh, such is the ADHD life…

If you are a mum with ADHD, this executive function will not be working up to par. This can directly impact your life in many ways. It is beyond frustrating and humiliating to live daily with a working memory deficit. Read more about your working memory and your brain’s executive functions in my book here…

The working memory deficit is real. Clients have told me that when they are interrupted mid-task, they often lose track of what they were doing and find it almost impossible to get back to their original task. They feel dizzy, and feel like they are spinning around in one place. Some clients have told me that they suffer from headaches that are brought on/made worse through feeling dizzy. These are all side effects of the working memory deficit.

I never talk about ADHD as a disability. I do talk about working memory deficit as a disability. When unchecked, its effects are debilitating and humiliating.

I have some good news and some bad news for you.

Here is the bad news You can’t change the level of your working memory. Sorry to inform you, it worsens with age. The good news is that with the right ADHD focused tools you can compensate for your working memory deficit. People don’t believe me when I tell them about my terrible working memory. This is because I hold on to those tools for dear life…I have worked very hard to make them an integral part of my life…

If you have a poor working memory, you will have many more challenges with organisation and time management. More about that in my book on ADHD.

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