Please for the love of god stop taking my meds : ADHD


TLDR; People without ADHD have no right to take prescription meds made to help with ADHD

I hate hate hate it when people who don’t need to, take prescription stimulants. I even had a class one time where we argued whether or not Adderall should be allowed in colleges to help students ‘focus’. THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS. Not only does this further stigmatized ADHD and our medications, making it harder for us to get things that our brain needs to be on a level playing field with other people, but it doesn’t fucking WORK for people without ADHD. There was a study done showing that most of what happens to a non ADHD brain on stimulant meds is placebo. Don’t even get me started on ‘prescription meth’ jeez. By other people getting high off the meds I use, it makes them seem dangerous and bad. ‘Oh wow you must feel awesome all the time’ actually no I don’t. Because not only do they not get me high, I have to deal with the internalized messages sent to me throughout my childhood that I shouldn’t need these meds and that I’m just stupid and lazy.

ETA: not the study I was referring to, but yet another study citing use of adderall doesn’t help people without ADHD

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