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Have you ever tried cafe crown action (instant coffee(1.71 gr coffee) with guarana(90mg) and ginseng(it was 108 mg but now they lowered to 54mg))? When i used it for the first time it increased my mood, gave me self-confidence, concentration etc… I slept only 2-3 hours and woke up refreshed. It’s unbelievable but i felt the effect even the next day. It’s effects decreased day by day. It’s effects were different and much better than coffee. It works (not as good as the first time) if i use it once a month. I drink double but it doesn’t work when i use it daily. I don’t think it was placebo because i had discovered it incidentally. I used 300 mg ginseng tablets also i don’t know why but the effects of cafe crown action were better.

I use pharmaton gingseng, i just checked box, each pill contains 40mg panax gingseng root extract G115

I have been using it for more than 8 years , i guess but as i remember i didnt notice any difference. Ofc if we use same thing, 40mg is small amount compared to those doses

On the other hand , i have been drinking coffee ( high amounts) since i was 17 years old,

I started drinking it really much due to avoid sleeping during classes in high school. I was drinking it with cold water, nescafe gold.

Then drinking too much with empty stomach , disturbed the intestines. Only filter coffee allows me to drink as much as i want , and partially espresso or americano

but i really drink much , i had kidney sand because of it 3-4 years ago.

If you are going to increase amount of the caffeine that you consume , i suggest you to buy a machine or french press and thermos(there are also french press thermos’) and make your own coffee, probably it is going to be really cheap.

Otherwise other coffee types are going to disturb your stomach and intensities

Ahh also it may cause gastritis, i remember that i had to deal with it for a month in past because i was drinking too much coffee with empty stomach and smoking cigarette

In summary, filter coffee is best choice for more caffeine wiithout problems

But also i want to remind you , see those stimulants as reinforcement, even combination of all of them can make the difference that methylphenidate makes

Because none of them can directly inhibit reuptake of dopamine in certain areas of brain


Dx: Bipolar I , ADHD-C

Rx: Depakine Chrono 1500mg,Risperdal 0.5mg,Wellbutrin XL 300mg,Concerta 36mg,Ritalin 10mg

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