Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria : ADHD


TLDR; if you have a strong emotional reaction to any form of rejection, you’re not alone, there’s an explanation and likely some help available.

So it turns out that ADHD was 50% of the answer for me, the other half is RSD.

I am able to manage to my ADHD symptoms much more than sone others that I know of, but my incredibly severe reaction to certain scenarios has always confused me.

I have an extremely severe and overwhelming emotional response to rejection, and ADHD can heighten emotions but not to this level.

Break ups, job hiccups and personal insult have always been excruciating, and I am basically useless until I’ve processed it and moved on.

The best part is that there are recommended medications to try and calm this down, and just knowing that this is a recognised and explainable condition is extremely relieving.

It isn’t being emotionally unstable or having quick cycle bipolar, or being autistic and unable to process the situation. It’s RSD, which has made me feel a lot less weird.

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