[Research] Adult ADHD and Quality of Life : ADHD


Hi All!

Are you looking for a way to procrastinate? Still need to do your good deed for the day?

Look no further! By completing this 10-15 minute survey, you’ll be contributing to quality of life research and you’ll be able to justify not doing your work!

I am looking for adults (18+) with ADHD, worldwide to participate in my research.


I am currently seeking to compare the subjective wellbeing (SWB) of adults with and those without ADHD. This study will be, to my knowledge, the first to address quality of life through the lens of SWB Homeostasis theory. As such, I really hope that this fourth year assignment can turn into a publishable piece and can be of value to this community.

Note: I am currently struggling to recruit adults without ADHD. Please feel free to share this with your neurotypical friends!

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