Scientific Autobiography of a Spiritual Seeker in the Year of Hindsight’s 20/20.


I am honored to follow in the Journal’s wisdom tradition and share my scientific autobiography,
ironically, written in the year of hindsight’s 20/20, when my research activities
are suspended indefinitely, and I have plenty of time to reflect upon the meaning
of life. We are living during unprecedented and difficult times when the entire world
is asked to find its spiritual center and resilience in order to find collective solutions
to its many problems. The surreal nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global lockdown
makes each of us look back and ask “how did I get here?” followed by “and how do I
move forward?” Reflections upon our life choices that resulted in the situation at
hand can be very revealing and can help define our next chapter. Perhaps, we have
been caught in the pre-programmed game of rules and expectation, and we can use this
imposed pause to create a new game with the new rules. For the first time we are asked
to consciously consider our choices that define our daily lives and determine our
survival that is a truly global existential crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed us
to “go within” and to take personal responsibility for our existence. However, unfolding
events have made us also more hopeful in our ability to create the new order that
will support our lives in a new way. We are already witnessing high-paced scientific
and technological innovation


  • Smith E
  • Au R
  • Mosse M
  • Lavretsky H
  • Forbes M
  • Eyre HA
Rebooting geriatric mental health innovation and entrepreneurship with convergence

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