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Hello everyone

I started taking dexedrine spansule about 7 months ago. It has helped me tremendously with my focus and multiple other aspects of my life. My question is, should I be taking my 10mg spansule with or without food? The pharmacist said to strictly take it with food, to avoid an upset stomach. After eating a moderate size breakfast(500 cal), I don’t feel my morning dose is working as well as my afternoon and evening dose. I have tried taking my morning dose recently with just a banana, and I feel the medication working better. Does anyone take there dexedrine on an empty stomach? What have your experiences been taking it with or without food? My dose is 10mg spansule in the am, 5mg ir in the afternoon and 10mg spansule early evening.


That’s what I’ve been told as well.

I think a key issue here is that your dose might need to get higher or you need to take some breaks, again, I’m not a professional so don’t quote me.

Certain meds have some ineffectiveness when taken with food HOWEVER if you start taking dexemphetamine and adderall before your meals, it could also send you to some upset or rather very anxious and hungry ridden stomach. I think it just depends, wait at least half an hour then take it. No one really knows about this and it’s just so odd not to see conclusions, I even told my doc about it and I guess it just depends on how much your body has at the moment.

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