Stuck Between Priorities – Brett Thornhill


Do you ever just feel STUCK, like your feet are planted in cement? Trust me, you’re not alone.

As a coach, people often think that I’ve got it all figured out and don’t struggle with the same things they do. Well, sometimes I certainly do! Recently, I found myself feeling stuck because I couldn’t identify my priorities.

This came after a talk I presented at a MoMonday event. I’d spent about a week preparing for this talk and it was the #1 priority on my list. Of course, I wasn’t spending every waking hour practicing my speech but there were things to prepare so it was a point of focus for me. The talk was great and very well received but the next day, I woke up thinking, “Okay… so now what?”

Now that this talk was over, I no longer had a cut-and-dry priority. I started to feel a little overwhelmed because my next priority wasn’t so obvious to pick out. As I’ve talked about before, it’s hard to distinguish the urgency of tasks in the ADHD brain because of the overlapping effect that takes place. Because our brains layer tasks on top of each other instead of in a neat & tidy list, everything seems to have equal importance (or unimportance).

So, how did I get myself unstuck? I resolved to just pick something.

Instead of agonizing over what should be done first, I decided that, because it all has to get done at some point, I would just pick one thing and go. What I discovered was that by getting started on that one task, I was able to gain momentum which lead me to another task, and then another. I felt great because what I expected wasn’t going to be a very fruitful day turned into a very productive one!

By just starting what’s in front of you, you will help yourself get unstuck by creating momentum. All you need to do is remove yourself from the need to figure out what’s most important and just do something without getting mired down in the detail. Eventually, your next priority will come along and will become very obvious.


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