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We’ve got an excellent “TADD” Talk for you today! As part of ADHD Awareness Month and our special activities, ADDA has created TADD Talks, where we’ll be Talking about ADD every day the entire month of October!

In today’s TADD talk, Keith Griffin, discusses “Building Successful Relationships


And if you enjoyed today’s TADD Talk, you’ll want to learn more about what Keith has to offer.

Keith Griffin is an ICF credentialed Productivity, Executive Function & ADHD Coach. He’s received training through both JST and The ADD Coach Academy and is an advocate of thriving with ADHD by focusing on one’s strengths. While based in the Atlanta metro area, Keith enjoys working with clients worldwide by phone or video conference. In addition to his coaching business, Keith serves the ADHD community through a position on ADDA’s Board of Directors and by co-facilitating our LGBT+/Poly Virtual Peer Support Group. In his spare time, Keith loves riding his bike, taking Daisy out for walks, traveling to new places, and recording the occasional “This ADHD Life” podcast episode. Being a life-long learner and having had a 20+ year IT career, he also keeps up with the latest tech trends, gadgets, productivity systems, and time-management methodologies.

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