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Doc Anderson We’ve got an excellent “TADD” Talk for you today! As part of ADHD Awareness Month and our special activities, ADDA has created TADD Talks, where we’ll be Talking about ADD every day the entire month of October!

In today’s TADD talk, Doc Anderson, discusses “You Are The Story You Choose To Tell


And if you enjoyed today’s TADD Talk, you’ll want to learn more about what Doc has to offer.

Erik “Doc” Anderson is an ADHD coach who specializes in helping people become the hero of their own story. Erik is an ADHDer and also has Cerebral Palsy. He learned early how limiting stories can be damaging, both to ourselves and to others as even well-meaning people expressed what they thought he could or couldn’t do. He realized he could either listen to those stories and live in a very small world, or rewrite them and live in a much larger one. As a result, he’s done impossible things; the kinds of things many other people only dream of and shows others they can do impossible things too. Reach Erik through his website, CoachingforCreativeBrains.com

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