Take a (Fresh Air) Break from Parenting


You’re distracted, fatigued, and crabby. Frankly, you need a break from parenting.

It could be that this pandemic seems to be outlasting the Energizer Bunny.

It could be that all this togetherness is starting to wear thin, and you just want to feel ‘normal’ again (whatever that means!).

It could be that the thought of the new school year is enough to make you break out in hives!


It could be that you are deficient in Vitamin-G. This is what scientists are beginning to call time outside or in green space. I might add my own addition: G can also stand for time spent with your feet on the ground.

You know that Vitamin-G works wonders for your complex kids. It breaks bad mood cycles, builds strength and resilience, and re-connects kids to the simple pleasures of childhood. Down in the southern U.S., going barefoot is a fundamental rite of passage.

But what about Vitamin-G for you? How are you doing when it comes to getting fresh air? When was the last time you walked outside and let your feet (yes, flesh) touch the ground?

Fresh air and connection to the earth is good for everything from digestion and blood pressure, to immune systems and mood. It grounds us, and helps us remember that we’re an integral part of this planet. Even better, it’s as transformative when the flowers are in full bloom as it is when the snow is swirling (although you might want to avoid the barefoot part in winter-time).

We can break difficult cycles, interrupt upsets, and redirect meltdowns (for our kids and ourselves!) with a breath of fresh air and a simple walk on fresh grass. It doesn’t take a lot of time, honestly. It just takes a moment or two of intention, an open door, and a deep breath. Or two. Three, if you’re really committed! (And remember – slow down the exhale to gain the calming benefit of conscious breathing.)

Throughout your day, open a door, crack a window, or better yet, go outside and take a deep breath, walk on the grass and wiggle your toes, and take a moment to reconnect with the natural world. You’ll be amazed at how restorative it is, and how you’ll be able to handle…well, whatever surprise comes next!

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