The 70% rule helped me get a writing project done I’ve put off for WEEKS : ADHD


All I had to do was write a short, barely one-page article for a newsletter at work. I’ve been putting it off for so long. Partly because I didn’t want to write it, but mostly because I didn’t feel adequate enough to do it. Even with a timeline pressing, I kept working on other stuff.

Queue this video I watched a few nights ago. It talks about reframing expectations. Instead of expecting a PERFECT product (which is near impossible), set realistic expectations and be proud of a GOOD product. If you’re having trouble starting, ask yourself “Can I at least meet 70% of my expectations?” Or if you feel like your project isn’t good enough, ask yourself “Did I at least meet 70% of my expectations?”

The next day, while working on my other work projects, I said to myself “screw it!” I can at least write a 70%-good-enough piece. And I did it. And I am actually really happy with it.

Just had to share my small success for the week. Thanks for being such a great community of distracted, amazing, talented, hyper-focused, supportive folks! 😉

Edit: the link didn’t work 🙄 gotta love minor adhd mistakes

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