I‘m on my 4th day of dextroamphetamine sulfate (attentin for me in germany, dexedrine in US) and I‘m so happy.

I‘ve tried methylphenidate before and it was really bad for me, only side effects and about no concentration whatsoever, stressed, aggravated, depressed, hopeless. When sober, I did feel like the days were passing by like you were flipping through a calender, but with MPH, it was even faster. I felt like I had to go somewhere all the time, even though I did not. I was always in a rush.

Having taken dexedrine unprescribed before I was diagnosed, it was highly addictive to me because I was able to live my life in a normal way, everything was easy and I got school stuff done. I got off it three months ago and stayed sober from it.

Now with the prescription, I feel like life is finally getting better. Knowing my addiction was justified in the sense that I did need it makes me feel a little less guilty. I can read, I can spend 4 hours writing a detailed essay for my german homework. The days are not passing by anymore, I seem to not hurry somewhere all the time. Depression is better, even OCD is. 🥲

I take my medication in the quantity prescribed to me (5mg: upping every 2-3 days if I feel I need to, maximum I am allowed to take: 12.5-15mg). It feels so good to get stuff done and be able to use your potential.

Compared to MPH, which made me anxious and the opposite of calm, dexedrine actually calms me down. The side effects are minor. I’m just impatient with the dose, since everything under 10mg lasts about 3 hours, instead of the supposed 6.. But I will just have to wait and see 😀

I’m sharing this, because when I was on MPH, I thought I was crazy for it not working, I looked hours online trying to find people who seem to not have it work to the extent I noticed in myself (if you scroll down my post history, I posted about my side effects twice). I hope this might calm someone down 😛 Not every molecule works for everyone 😊

Here is what I got done in 2 days 😀

Today is cleaning day 😀 I’ll go take a shower now & then start. I hope you all have a decent to awesome day. Stay healthy :3

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