The threat/promise of consequences means NOTHING to me : ADHD


TLDR: read the title + click on the Twitter link below 🙂

The other day, I was talking to my partner about how I just can’t motivate myself by thinking about things that are GOING to happen in the future – whether those things are good or bad.

“If you finish this now you’ll be able to go out with friends later.” Okay, now I’m excited to go out, but no more motivated to complete the task.

“If you don’t finish this in the next couple hours you’re going to disappoint someone.” Cool, the thought of letting them down makes me incredibly anxious, but I still just have no desire to Do The Task.

I KNOW the consequences/rewards, and I really really care about them! I do! So why don’t they have any impact on my actions?!

I saw this comic today on Twitter that sums it up SUPER well, which is why it’s on my mind again.

Anyone have any insight on this aspect of ADHD?

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