Thoughts on first FDA approved game claiming to treat ADHD? : ADHD


Here is the news:

Actually I don’t think that it would be different than any other game. I remember as a child I was able to keep my attention playing video games for long hours because it was fun! Although I think that apps and games would be helpful, but I don’t think that it would cost 300$.

This thing really disturbs me somehow. A child can be hyperactive and solution for them wouldn’t be giving them another tablet or screen when they are 8, because it was “prescribed”. Thinking about how I am addicted to screens as an adult this sounds very dystopian. Also, I had pretty neglectful parents, I remember my mother saying “Midori was so nice, I’d turn on TV and she was immediately calm”. And she leave me watch TV for endless hours while she was doing her things, instead of paying any attention to real problems of having a kid with attention deficit.

I guess marketers are exploiting here the idea “adhd = no attention” but as we know from ourselves, it’s way more complicated than that.

I am not against kids playing games, or health benefits of playing games to be researched, but claiming to “treat” ADHD through screens and using it as a marketing strategy is very disturbing but I really want to hear other opinions as well.


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