We’ve Hit 10,000 Signatures for the ADHD Act Petition


We’ve Hit 10,000 Signatures
for the ADHD Act Petition! Here’s What Comes Next…

A massive thank you to EVERYONE
that has signed, shared and tirelessly pushed the Government petition so far:


You are all superstars! It’s a huge
achievement, but only the start of our ADHD Action campaigning. This would not
have happened without all of you getting behind this! We are now making noise
and people who can make the changes we need will listen.


How the government might respond…

Now we’ve hit 10,000, the
government have to give a formal response. This will be public and shines a
huge spotlight. I don’t expect a response to be anything more than ‘we are
looking into it and are committed to mental health’ etc., at this stage.

Don’t be despondent if so. This is another ‘in’ and more feet
through the door to speak to policy makers and politicians. It’s a great leap forward!

MPs and commissioners have now also
just received the brilliant ADHD impact report by the ADHD Foundation and other
groups: ‘A Lifetime Lost, or a Lifetime Saved?

so timing is perfect for us to hit 10,000.

Our other political lobbying, inch by inch:

The All Party Parliamentary Group for ADHD

We have enough cross-party MPs and
a couple of peers on board to form our APPG. This is likely to be registered in
early 2018. For starters, this will give us ambassadors within the House of
Commons, and the use of the Parliamentary logo when we write to organisations
on behalf of the group. More clout, in essence!


Meetings with more MPs, ministers and shadow ministers

Next batch of meetings down in
Westminster on the 28th and 29th of November. MPs on board
so far are being really helpful! Our aims include a Westminster Floor Debate on
ADHD and questions from speakers weaved into other debates.


Meetings with civil servants across Departments of Health, Justice, Education,
Home Office, Communities and Local Government, Work and Pensions, Cabinet
Office and Defence

These are the departments we are
actively booking meetings with and using our networks to influence change at
national and regional level so far. There are lots of permanently employed
policy makers that are just as important as the politicians to start to make
the changes we need.


Local Government

We’ve started the ball rolling with
4 local councils so far, to find out how they might be able to help us on a
very local level, through their health and well-being teams, and also working
with social services.


Clinical Commissioning Groups

Absolutely vital. These hold the
purse strings in so many ways for better provision and diagnosis pathways for
ADHD. I’ve got speaking slots at two events over the next four weeks with rooms
packed full of commissioners. I’ll give it my all, then build on these to get
face to face meetings. Gulp! No pressure…


Round Tables

We are planning to hold three round
table events in early 2018. These will consist of around 20 invited guests
including politicians, expert on ADHD, commissioners and people we need to
influence. The first will be at the Scottish Parliament in February (Daniel
Johnson MSP is now part of the ADHD Action team) followed by Westminster, then
Stormont in Northern Ireland. (Haven’t sorted Wales yet!)

We also plan to run further regional
and issue specific events, e.g. Yorkshire, ADHD in the Armed Forces, ADHD’s
portrayal in the media.


Team ADHD Action, we need you! Here’s what we do next…


#EveryMP Campaign

It’s easy, we need one person in
every constituency to write to their local MP with their story. We’ve provided
a template, just follow these instructions:


The Big Push to 100,000

We’ve got until March. I’ll make no
bones about it, this will be tough. But if every one of you that has signed gets just
10 others

to do so too, we’ve smashed it. I’ll be providing template Facebook
and LinkedIn messages to go out to your friends and family next week. Please
email michelle.beckett@adhdaction.org
any other ideas or suggestions to get us to the 100,000! I’m doing a press
release early next week too, and want to run a Facebook ad campaign.


Are we up for this? Who wants to help push us to the #ADHD100K?


Donations, Fundraising and Membership

ADHD Action costs money to run. I
really want to print some flyers and booklets to place in clinics and for
people to give out fairly soon. We can do so much more with more! We plan to
run volunteering projects with ADHD young people in partnership with local
communities, create talking heads videos and explainer videos for learning and
training, advertising campaigns, setting up our recruitment division and HR
consultancy, offer services and support, plus lots more. Loads of you have been
so generous so far, but we are still in start-up mode and need your help to
make more noise.

If any of you work for a company
that might want to offer a corporate donation, or want to help us by fundraising
or becoming a member, click here:


This is just the start. We can do this,
if we all pull together. And we will. Here’s a bit of motivation, Al Pacino’s ‘Life
is a Game of Inches’ speech from Any Given Sunday

sweary bits, so don’t watch with the kids in earshot!

Well done all, massive thank you,
and here’s the next victory…inch by inch.

Michelle 🙂


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