Working From Home Successfully When You Have ADHD


Create a designated workspace

Set aside an area in your home where you will work. This will help maintain the boundaries between work and home. You can make sure that the designated space is free of any unwanted distractions and where you can fully focus on your work at hand. This doesn’t mean you have to work in silence, if you find you are more productive with a little background music, then include this as part of your workspace.

Set a consistent daily routine

Working from home can make it tempting to lay in later than usual or stay in your pyjamas all day. However, this will not help to keep you motivated. Set yourself an achievable daily routine, much like you have when you actually leave the house for work. Get up at a set time, and get showered and dressed as you would do usually. Have a set time for breakfast, and a set time you start and finish work. This will help to distinguish between work time and leisure time, where you can relax in the evening.

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