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Writing assignments-complete confusion

Dear All,

I hope someone can suggest a way out of this. I’m a mature student-with a master’s degree. I’ve always struggled with writing assignments and this has become so bad, I am paralysed with fear and shame and confusion-been diagnosed with depression-told I am an anxious perfectionist-just want to be better than classmates, and that I am scared of failing etc. Although I plan my work I never follow the plan- my mind starts in the middle of the assignment and my thoughts branch outwards in ever-increasing complexity. Now plagued with doubt and insecurity. I keep trying to attempt the writing only to be met with repeated failure. This has been going on for weeks. Trying to get some screening for ADD from college but fear will be told that I show insufficient symptoms. The rest of my college work is of a high standard but I have been unable to any written assignments because I have received no help with difficulty. My doctor says my anxiety is specific so cannot help. Any suggestions to how I can organise my thoughts and write would be much appreciated.

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