“Your body also naturally produces more dopamine at night” : ADHD


This is fascinating. I feel like a total adhd outlier in this way.

I have been an early bird my entire life. Literally my mom likes to say when I was a very little girl—toddler aged—I would come in and tell her I was going to bed at 8pm every night.

That shifted to 9pm and stayed that way until now, as middle age and having a young kid has made sleep more elusive.

Additionally, I’m at my best in the mornings. After 8 months on adderall and struggling to figure out timing because I only get 6 hours out of an XR and two out of an IR, I finally realized the way to go is not to take them first thing, but rather to take an XR at 10am and an IR at 4 or 5pm because late morning into the evening are when I’m at my worst.

I still really wish I could take it first thing because damn, I’m so forgetful and have to go back in the house like 5 times before I can leave. But at least in the morning I’m more naturally alert and somewhat capable of keeping my shit together.

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